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Why Pragmatic Business Process Management

March 30th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Pragmatic BPM, Pragmatic BPM Case

It might seem obvious, that the greatest benefits can be reaped from complex business process management focusing on the core processes of a company. This however would imply that they haven’t really been optimized. Being at the center of the business, this doesn’t seem likely.

Especially when taking the pragmatic BPM approach, non-critical processes make a convincing case for process automation. Extensive planning and alignment efforts account for a majority of the BPM project costs. Cutting these to a minimum provides a clear advantage to the pragmatic approach. Being able to automate processes faster and with less effort allows companies to benefit from improvements earlier and generate even greater profits.

While there are good reasons for strategic BPM, pragmatic BPM requires attention to identify the  greatest benefits  BPM can bring to a company. Let’s have a look at an example.

Consider you have to hire new people constantly and your staff is spending more time writing rejection letters than working on tasks for new or existing employees. Applicants are calling in all the time for inquiries on the status of their applications, why they haven’t heard anything yet, or even if their application arrived. Setting up a process can take up as little as two days to have the process automated – from application entry, automatic confirmation, evaluation and automatic rejection. No integration necessary, implementation without coding and with the ability to change routes, recipients, rules, etc. within minutes. The HR team can now focus on the important tasks of selecting the right applicants, scheduling interviews or even setting up new employees in the company. While the process obviously doesn’t cover the whole application process nor all options possible, it provides tremendous value and can be extended at any time.

There are clear benefits and we will have a look at them in detail in the following post.


Handling different kinds of business processes

March 26th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Pragmatic BPM

While there are different kinds of business processes within every organization, the majority of vendors, analysts and journalists in the BPM space focus their attention on critical or end-to-end business process modeling and automation. These can become huge integration projects with the ideal world promise of driving companies from a centralized dashboard based on rules, analysis and strategy. On the opposite, everyone knows the importance of unofficial ad-hoc cooperation of individuals to get work done.  All business processes are somewhere between these extremes and can be automated to various degrees, but need different sets of functionalities to be successful. While changing core business processes requires extensive planning, implementation and testing, the concept of pragmatic BPM focuses on solving day-to-day business pains quickly with flexible BPM solutions. Within the next few posts, we will look at different solution scenarios and likely software prerequisistes.

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Is SOA preventing BPM business success?

March 19th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in SOA

Yesterday I attended a presentation on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and found one statement very striking: Only 20% of SOA components are being reused.

From a business perspective, SOA is supposed to help companies save money and resources, as components are created once and can be then reused. As such it makes sense to implement SOA first before orchestrating processes.

Above statement however implies that many companies are missing out on efficiency and performance improvements, since BPM is postponed for the sake of SOA, which fails to materialize its benefits!

From a technical perspective it is nicer to get things neatly in place, but for the business this means missing out on the BPM and SOA benefits for years instead of getting real tangible BPM benefits within months.

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What PragmaticBPM.com is about

March 16th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in pragmaticbpm.com

PragmaticBPM.com will discuss Business Process Management (BPM) from a very pragmatic point of view. While there are many different experts in the market discussing design standards and centers of excellence, many companies don’t have the time, ressources or desire to become experts themselves in BPM but want to get problems solved and the work done.

This blog focuses on providing insights, perspectives and experiences from real world BPM pragmatists, BPM implementations and BPM best practices that helped make BPM happen for companies, departments and people.

Anyone is welcome to share their perspective and thoughts with us and we will be more than happy to include sotries, ideas and solutions that are of value to our readers. We explicitly appreciate any comments and hope to support companies worldwide that strive to make BPM come true.

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