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Pragmatic Business Process Management in Human Resources

Having spoken so much about what Pragmatic Business Process Management is and what benefits it provides, it is time to turn to real world examples to understand the implications that this BPM approach has on companies.

The first example is of a company that was in search for a Regional Manager for their operations in the Middle East. So far they had businesses in the western countries as well as in Asia. Filling similar positions in other regions went without problems, but when posting the job offer for Dubai on Monster, more than 400 applications poured in just within the first two days, the operations couldn’t cope. Quickly the new hire process was automated, which allowed automatic replies on application entry, distributed reviews for application processing and automatic answers for inadequate applications and interview scheduling. The process remained in place after the position was filled and cut time and resources for all consecutive job applications.

This is a perfect example of how a company was capable of dynamically reacting to unexpected circumstances. Even though this situation might seem unique, think about the following: Consider you have to hire new people constantly and your staff is spending more time writing rejection letters than working on tasks for new or existing employees. Applicants are calling in all the time for inquiries on the status of their applications, why they haven’t heard anything yet, or even if their application arrived. Setting up a process can take up as little as two days to have the process automated – from application entry, automatic confirmation, evaluation and automatic rejection. No integration necessary, implementation without coding and with the ability to change routes, recipients, rules, etc. within minutes. The HR team can now focus on the important tasks of selecting the right applicants, scheduling interviews or even setting up new employees in the company. While the process obviously doesn’t cover the whole application process nor all options possible, it provides tremendous value and can be extended at any time. Do does this sound more familiar?

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