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Handling different kinds of business processes

March 26th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Pragmatic BPM

While there are different kinds of business processes within every organization, the majority of vendors, analysts and journalists in the BPM space focus their attention on critical or end-to-end business process modeling and automation. These can become huge integration projects with the ideal world promise of driving companies from a centralized dashboard based on rules, analysis and strategy. On the opposite, everyone knows the importance of unofficial ad-hoc cooperation of individuals to get work done.  All business processes are somewhere between these extremes and can be automated to various degrees, but need different sets of functionalities to be successful. While changing core business processes requires extensive planning, implementation and testing, the concept of pragmatic BPM focuses on solving day-to-day business pains quickly with flexible BPM solutions. Within the next few posts, we will look at different solution scenarios and likely software prerequisistes.

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