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Pragmatic Business Process Management in Sales and Marketing

May 14th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Pragmatic BPM, Sales & Marketing

There are many client facing processes that have a substantial impact on how a company is perceived by potential clients. I believe every one of us can name companies where they had good and bad experiences when purchasing goods online.

But there are many more interactions with prospects in a business to business environment, where people need a substantial amount of information and interaction before even seeing anyone in person. Imagine you go to a website and request a brochure or other kind of information. You typically expect to download the PDF and approach the company if this is of interest for you. For a structured sales organization this however kicks off a number of processes that typically tie into a prospect development plan. Either a sales person follows up with you in a couple of days to see if you found all required information and what the purpose of your visit was or an e-mail is sent out to you instead. Then it would be great to enroll you in the newsletter distribution list and stay in touch with you on a regular basis. Once you have found the offer relevant, the company might want to set up an online presentation, a meeting or test access to their offer.

While this is easy to coordinate at low volume, it can create an administrative overhead with company size and demand. Fitting every customer into a standard process is impossible. Therefore this is a great area for Pragmatic BPM. Small individual processes that are triggered by events like website registration or sales people can be created to save time and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, human errors are eliminated and process metrics are readily available.

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